Invisalign Invisible Teeth Straightening Braces Liverpool

Invisalign is a high tech solution for those looking to straighten there teeth without the need for braces, using aligners fitted by our dentist they use no metal wires.

Crocked teeth can look unsightly and can affect your confidence, with invisible braces to straighten your teeth you will soon enjoy smiling and eating with no more attention on your mouth.

Whilst you are wearing them you can enjoy your food as they can be removed with ease then reinserted when you have finished Its important you clean your teeth and floss them in-between meals and before reinserting them.

Gone are the days of metal dental braces that were less than ideal for most people, sometimes uncomftable and embarrassing. The new solution having a great set of teeth that are straight has arrived.

Expertly fitted at our practice in Liverpool you will be given a schedule for when to return to see us so new aligners can be fitted this is around every 6-8 weeks you will see over time your teeth starting to become straighter thanks to Invisalign and after around 12 months you can expect to have teeth that are straight and look wonderful.