Dental Implants Liverpool

Give Yourself The Best Smile with Dental Implants

Over the years you can loose teeth from decay,accidents and so on and it can knock your confidence plus when it comes to eating it can be tricky and uncomftable but thankfully at ADP we have the solution.

dental implant

For many dentures have been the solution  and maybe a bridge but although they  give help they don’t always look natural, well subject to your jaw bone being strong you can look at having dental implants fitted they look and appear natural and in most cases only you and your dentist know there fitted. Perfect for missing teeth they can be employed in a bridge and much more.

Don’t wait if you have a tooth drop out, at ADP we have skilled dentists who can help you for far less than you might think.

Dental Implants the surgery process

Once you arrive at our practice one of our experienced dentists will review all the teeth in your mouth and take an xray , photographs in short carry out a complete examination.

We then go over the findings with you and arrange a treatment plan that’s best for you and arrange a time that suits your schedule to carry out the implant treatment.

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