Teeth Whitening From ADP Liverpool

Everyone wants to have a great looking set of teeth and the big smile that goes with them and ADP we can help you by sonically removing stains and discolouration leaving you with stain-free teeth in no time.

  • Freshness
  • Confidence
  • A dazzling smile

All for only £149, our teeth whitening service is very popular and included in this price is a kit for you’re to take home and continue to whitening in the comfort of your own home.

At ADP Dental, our state of the art sonic teeth whitening is available 5 days a week in normal office hours, all teeth whitening is carried out by professionals and the end result is teeth that look great. Upon inspection of prior to carrying ou the whitening treatment we will check all is well with regards to general oral health, then on the basis its good to start whitening service we will usually be done in around 60 mins.teeth whitening liverpool

How can teeth whitening help me?

By removing stains and discolouration by whitening your teeth gives you confidence and a bright smile.

Is it dangerous to have whitening carried out?

No if the whitening is done by a dentist its perfectly safe, if however unregulated salons etc carry it out then complications may arise.

Once I have my teeth whitened how long before they lose colour?

When you have whitening it rids your teeth of things like coffee stains, tobacco, spice stains but overtime (depending on your diet) they can go dull again and may require more whitening to be carried out.


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Sonic teeth whitening for only £149 includes a home kit which represents great value for money.



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